Available all year round in traditional 'Canadian' canoes and GIANT open canoes.

We offer guided trips in open canoes, and our equipment is available for hire by experienced paddlers when we're not using it.  

You will be well looked after by an experienced guide who knows the river really well, and knows how to make sure everyone has a great time.  

Traditional Canadian Canoes

1-6 people:  We have a small number of  traditional 'Canadian' open canoes.   

We offer two canoes with 1 or 2 adults in each canoe, plus one or two children depending on size.  One of the canoes is slightly larger and can take 3 adults, depending on size and weather conditions. 

£45 per person, minimum charge £180.  

GIANT Open Canoes

6-69 people: Pile in together in one or more giant canoes!  

With a fleet of 6 giant canoes, we can get up to 60 adults or 69 with small children out on the water at the same time.    We can get your party out there, to the pub, to the beach, and back home again! 

Ideal for mixed groups of all ages and abilities. No one need stay on the shore. 

£35 per person (over 16), £20 per child (under 16). Under 3 free (max 3 per canoe). Minimum charge £210.      

Canoe Hire (without a guide)

Experienced paddlers only may hire our traditional canoes without a guide.  You will need to demonstrate to us that you know how to handle a canoe, including being able to self-rescue.   We may ask for a British Canoeing quaification or a reference from a club, college or other institution, and take a deposit. *

* Why is this?    Our canoes are proper, well-loved 'Old Town' canoes, professionally kitted out. We use them ourselves with our own friends and families, and for guiding.  They perform better than the cheaper canoes you'll find at most hire centres but take a little getting used to, especially in the wind and tides that are common to where we operate.

Canoe Prices

3 Hours

6 Hours


Guided trips:      
Traditional canoes (1-6 paddlers) £45ppn  TBA TBA
Giant Canoes (6+ people) £35ppn TBA TBA
Minimum activity charge £180    
 Canoe Hire:      

'Canadian' Traditional Canoe

1-2 People, 3 to 4 with children




Refundable Deposit