We can arrange guided trips to accompany you on the water and show you around, whether you are in canoes, on kayaks or on paddleboards.  And we can organise fun, adventurous river activities for larger groups, young and old, in a range of paddle craft on the water - canoes, kayaks, giant canoes, rafts, rowing boats -  and with a range of wild activities on the shore - bushcraft, cooking on a fire, wild camping.

Just select 'Guided Trip' on the booking form and tell us what you would like to do in the 'Other information' box.

River Guides

Have someone who knows the river and your craft really well for that extra personalised experience and local insight.  

You'll be well looked after and likely find some secret picnic or swimming spots that you'll have to yourselves.  

Our multi-talented guides can take you out in kayaks, paddleboards, canoes, or a combination of all three, or a group all together in one GIANT canoe!


We offer a range of river-based activities, on and off the shore, for all kinds of groups and all sorts of occasions.   Enough to keep you busy for 3 hours or 3 days.  

On the shore:  Bushcraft and River School activities. 

On the water:  Mini-expeditions. Kayak-raft building and racing. Pirating.  Mixed craft challenges; hybridising the canoe-kayak-paddleboard combo with a rowing boat and raft, and then race to find the treasure! 

Wild Camps

Fancy camping in the wild in the woods on the river shore?  We can organise a camp for you, or we can help with your logistics if you are organising your own camp.  Get your people and your gear to your camp site in adventurous style.